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A raindrop on the ocean stirs only the sea, the sky and itself.
Why then does it drop?
To make a splash that perhaps none will see?
To add to the voluminous waters about it?
Or is it simply because it was meant to fall and obeys the laws which govern such things, mutable and immutable?
Given the idea of predestination, most rational individuals balk at encompassing the idea fully.  Meaning simply that having a route to follow with no possible deviations seems a bit like futility.
If I am fated to do a given thing regardless of my efforts, then why do anything.
This is where the illusion of free choice comes into play.
Do nothing, predeterminists contend, and Fate will simply move one into position and execute its plans regardless of desire.


Lament for the World


We don’t lament for the world, we cry for the human condition…
If the world were our sorrow, we couldn’t hold all the pain.  As we see it, the downfall of man comes about because of a failing of the flesh.  Not the running of a course; the completion of a task; the end of an adventure.


Out to Sea

I spent years avoiding any sort of self-indulgent web presence, but here it is…

Lord, help me, I’m Blogging (ewww, the word).